Iran stresses formation of sound global financial system

449e2263411d60c237b1da4a600ce30d_LIranian deputy envoy in the UN emphasized on the necessity of formation and preservation of a sound financial and economic system aimed at sustainable development in the world.

According to IRIB, Gholam Hussein Dehqani deputy envoy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the UN said on Friday during the session of the General Assembly 2nd Committee, “The prerequisite for reaching a dynamic and efficient economy is the flexibility of major economic policies vis-à-vis change of conditions.”
Noting that socio-political stability of countries will have a positive effect on development, the Iranian diplomat warned against enforcement of economic and financial pressures against some countries.
Calling for proper attention to continuation of implementing the goals of the third millennium, Iran’s deputy envoy to the UN Gholam Hussein Dehqani also made it clear, “Application of strong executive tools such as creation of capacity and exchange of science and technology with developing countries till attainment of developmental goals is necessary.”

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