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Iran, Tajikistan enjoy genuine ties

Iran’s Foreign Minister says the country enjoys genuine relations with Tajikistan and calls for the broadening of cooperation between the two nations.

Manouchehr Mottaki stressed the importance of the two countries’ current economic relations and called for cooperation in the areas of transport and agriculture.

“Our set of beliefs and strong reasons state that the stability and security of Tajikistan is the stability and security of Iran…,” Mottaki said in a meeting with Tajik Parliament Speaker Shukurjon Zuhurov.

“It is necessary to tie the interests and the people of these two countries to one another,” he added.

Zuhurov, for his part, said Iran’s foreign policies have been successful in the face of the meddling of world powers and called Tehran’s achievement a “source of pride and respect.”

The Tajik speaker called for implementing joint development projects and agreements with Iran, including the construction of hydro-power plants.

Iran and Tajikistan enjoy robust trade relations. Iranian companies are currently involved in several development projects in the country, including the construction of a dam, a hydroelectric power plant, and a tunnel.

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