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Iran to become regional telecom hub

Iran has initiated eight national and international projects to turn the country into the most preferred telecommunication hub in the region.

Director General of Telecommunication Infrastructure Company (TIC) said Iran launched broadband networks to include and handle a relatively wide range of frequencies.

“The program aims to secure high speed voice and data transfer via 3G networks and WiMAX in the telecommunication network,” Mohammad-Baqer Zohourifar said.

“Private sectors will add emphasis on infrastructure development to match the best in the world. National and international investors aims to expand plans and focus on improving the existing facilities,” he told IRIB.

“Apart from Iran-Kuwait submarine communications cable network, Iran is launching an optical fiber channel and a submarine communications cable in the Persian Gulf,” Zohouri said.

“The next program is to connect the country with global optical fiber networks from northern and northwestern borders to avoid any setbacks in international telecommunication system,” he added.

Optical fiber channels with Armenia and Turkey are the next goals defined for Iran.

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