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Iran to celebrate Imam Hussein’s birth anniversary

Iran to celebrate Imam Hussein’s birth anniversary Iranians celebrate the birth anniversary of the Shiites’ 3rd Imam today, Sunday across the country.

Hussein is the 2nd son of Shiites’ 1st Imam, Imam Ali and Lady Fatima Zahra. He was born on Sha’aban 3 (the 8th month of Islamic Calendar), 4 AH. Shiites regards him the 3rd Imam after his father and his older brother, Hassan.

He is called in the history of Islam ‘the master of all martyrs,’ because he and his family members even the young children were martyred in the Battle of Karbala.

Hussein bin Ali was born in Medina and his grandfather named him Hussein meaning ‘pleasant’, ‘good,’ ‘handsome or beautiful.’ His grandfather, Prophet Mohammad dubbed him as the adornment for the earth and skies and said “Hussein is the beacon of guidance and the ark of salvation,” in a oft-quoted hadith.

Today, his holly shrine is located in Iraq, Karbala, where millions of Shiites (their followers) visit every year.

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