Iran to change aviation regulations structure



An official at the Civil Aviation Organization of Iran has announced that the structure of Iran’s aviation regulations will be coordinated with the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

Deputy Head of the Organization for Flight Standards Mohammad Javad Taghvaei said the compliance of Iranian flight regulation structure with the framework of EASA has been adopted by the industry’s strategic council; “content of regulations will be carefully considered in view of national needs, interests and requirements and will change in accordance with EASA regulatory framework as much as possible.”

“The decision aims to depict an efficient and stable model in line with prominent regulatory structures in the world,” he noted adding “taking advantage of standards and procedures tested by leading countries in the aviation industry is a sign of wisdom and the adopted structures will have the most interaction with the country’s perspective of air transportation.”

Taghvaei further maintained that “currently, a wide range of the country’s aviation regulations comply with EASA framework which facilitates the implementation of the new decision.”

He further emphasized that the viewpoints of all relevant agents in the industry will be considered with regard to the content of the country’s aviation regulations; “all aviation service providers and stakeholders in regulations of Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization are required to gain awareness of the new landscape and to base all future policies upon the new framework,” Taghvaei concluded.

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