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Iran to continue uranium enrichment, if Europe does not guarantee JCPOA implementation

Iranian Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee warned on Wednesday that in case Europe does not provide Iran with a practical guarantee on implementation of JCPOA, the Islamic Republic will go on its uranium enrichment in its desire level and volume.

In its prepared report on the procedure of JCPOA implementation, presented in an open Parliament session on Wednesday, the committee announced that despite European’ stance towards the nuclear deal and their emphasis on significance of its implementation besides Iran’s full commitment to the agreement, Europeans have been inactive and indifferent against Trump’s remarks and behavior and the US withdrawal from the deal.  

The report added that neither Europe not the US have paid any price for Trump’ decision of pulling out from the deal and Germany, France and UK have applied a double-standard policy towards the US withdrawal from the JCPOA.

It confirmed that Iran is following up its restricted peaceful nuclear program and is trying to re-design and renovate Arak heavy water reactor to convert it into a modern facility.

The committee urged Europe to retaliate for US lack of commitment to the JCPOA by providing guarantees to Iran, as well as fulfilling its own commitments.

“Europe must guarantee Iran’s access to its exports and oil revenues,” the report underlined.

In case Europe does not provide the required guarantee, Iran will continue its peaceful nuclear activities and enrich uranium up to its desired volume and level, it warned.

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