Iran to enhance missile capabilities despite resolutions: Army commander


Commander of Iran’s Army Major General Ataollah Salehi says the country will enhance its missile capabilities despite US-led efforts to curb them.

According to Press TV, on Thursday, Gen. Salehi said, “We are neither paying any attention to the resolutions against Iran, nor implementing them.”

“We are doing our job and our missile program for the future will be stronger and more precise,” he told reporters in Tehran. “This is not a breach of the JCPOA,” he added.

The Army chief said Iran’s weapons present no threat to friendly and neighboring countries.

“They are rather a threat to the enemies of this establishment. Israel should fully realize the meaning of this concept,” he added.

Salehi further dismissed the threat of Daesh terrorists to Iran, saying the Takfiri group “cannot do a damn thing.”

“Today, we see from the events in Syria that Daesh’s propaganda is more than its real capability. But its sponsors want to use this germ of atrocities as a means to harass regional nations to the last moment,” he said.

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