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Iran to France: Stay away from Saudi “Adventurism”

Iran warned France against being influenced by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s “adventurism”.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi has berated Saudi Arabia for making baseless claims that undermine the nuclear deal, officialy known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPA)

Recalling that France remains one of the seven signatories to deal, Qassemi described Saudi Arabia’s “repetitive claims” against Tehran as something that is “meant to counter” the nuclear agreement.

“Contrary to the claims in this statement, the Islamic Republic of Iran has always taken steps in line with the stability and security of regional states as well as the fight against terrorism and terror groups. France should know that such opposition raised against Iran is rooted in the fury of certain states over Iran’s victories in the battle against the terrorists they have trained,” he stressed, according to Press TV.

Qassemi also urged France to “review its policies on the export to Saudi Arabia of weapons, which have been used in the kingdom’s aggression against Yemenis and to massacre innocent people.”

He also warned against the Iranian-French ties being negatively affected by Mohammed bin Salman, who was described by Qassemi as a “novice” and “warmonger” who is facing genocide charges in French courts.

His remarks came after a joint statement by Paris and Riyadh which was issued following Bin Salman’s visit to France. In the statement, the two sides specifically “agreed on the need to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.”

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