Iran to increase intl. naval missions

Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari announces Iran’s plans to increase its presence in international waters.

He said Iranian submarines will remain in international waters and their missions will continue, IRNA reported on Monday.

Rear Admiral Sayyari said it is Iran’s right to be present in these waters like any other nation.

In June Iran’s Navy deployed the Younes submarine in the Red Sea for the first time to join the countries operating in international waters.

According to Sayyari, three domestically-built Ghadir submarines also joined Iran’s naval fleet this week. The Iranian fleet currently has 11 Ghadir submarines in service.

Iranian naval forces are conducting active patrols in international waters, the Gulf of Aden, the Red Sea region and the Indian Ocean.

Iran has made important breakthroughs in its defense sector and attained self-sufficiency in producing important military equipment and systems over the past years.

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