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Iran to launch in space 2nd payload of living organism

After of series of breakthroughs in space research and technology, Iranian scientists prepare to send a rocket carrying a new payload of living organisms into orbit.

Mohammad Rezaei, a senior expert with Iran’s Aerospace Organization, said Sunday that the space mission may take place as soon as next year, Mehr News Agency reported.

“As soon as the Kavoshgar 3 (Explorer 3) satellite carrier completes its current operation in space, we will launch our second mission with a new load of live organisms,” he said.

With the exclusive ability to transfer electronic data and live footage back to earth, Kavoshgar 3 was launched in space in February while carrying a rat, two turtles and worms onboard.

In February 2009, Iran joined a small group of countries that have the ability of both producing satellites and sending them into space using domestic launchers after placing its first domestically-made Omid (Hope) satellite into orbit.

The Omid data-processing satellite was designed to circle the Earth 15 times every 24 hours and to transmit data via two frequency bands and eight antennas to an Iranian space station.

The country is also studying preliminary plans to send its very first astronaut into orbit in near future.

Iran’s space-related accomplishments have come as a surprise for European powers and the US, mainly because the country has been under Western sanctions for nearly 30 years.

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