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Iran to produce swine flu vaccine in 6 months


While the first stock of swine flu vaccine is to be distributed in Iran in the coming days, officials say the homemade version of the vaccine will become available in the near future.

Deputy Health Minister Hassan Emami-Razavi told ISNA that the country had already ordered two million doses of the vaccine, a portion of which has already been imported to the country. He added that the vaccines, imported from France, have been approved by the European Union.

He said that authorities intend to buy three million more doses by January, adding that the high-risk population includes five million Iranians.

Emami-Razavi stressed that the swine flu vaccine suitable for pregnant women will soon be purchased in order to protect this high-risk group against the fatal virus.

He said the first stock of the swine flu vaccine would be free of charge for high-risk patients. He added that children younger than 5 have not been included in the high-risk population.

The deputy health minister added that individuals suffering from thalassemia, kidney disorders, cancer and other difficult to treat diseases are among the priorities to receive the vaccine.

Emami-Razavi stressed that healthcare providers in close contact with infected patients would soon receive the vaccine.

“Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute and Pasteur Institute of Iran have launched a series of studies and research to produce a vaccine to fight against A-H1N1 virus,” said Emami-Razavi, adding that some two million dollars have been allocated for research in this field.

Emami-Razavi announced that scientists hope to make the Iranian vaccine within the next 5-6 months.

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