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Iran to stand by Syria for reconstruction: Minister

Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ami Hatami voiced Iran’s support for the reconstruction of Syria.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran will stand by the Syrian people and government with all might to preserve territorial integrity of Syria and cooperate in reconstructing the country,” Hatami said on Wednesday in a meeting with the visiting Syrian delegation led by deputy trade minister Ebrahim Sho’ayb and deputy industry minister Jamal al-Amar.

Economic centers of the Iranian Defense Ministry, as well as private sector of the country, are ready for any sort of help and cooperation regarding reconstruction of Syria and meeting the country’s needs, he added.

Elsewhere, Hatami strongly condemned the unforgivable crimes of the occupying Zionist regime in killing innocent women and children.

Inspired by the resistance of the Syrian people during the war against Takfiri-terrorist groups, that were backed by the Zionist regime, Palestinian people not only foiled the plots of Zionists but also turned the dream of the ‘river to the sea’ to a nightmare.

The Syrian delegation, for their part, pointed to the key role of Iran in defeating terrorism in Syria, also welcoming Iran’s participation in the reconstruction of Syria.

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