Iran very close to final agreement: Zarif


Speaking at the ‘Nuclear Diplomacy’ conference at Allameh Tabataba’i University this Tuesday morning, Mohammad Javad Zarif said, “we have now passed the stages in which no one even thought a solution to Iran’s nuclear issue was possible, and have arrived at where everyone admits the only available and possible solution is negotiation.”

Zarif asserted that Iran and 5+1 nuclear talks are one of most important issues of international relations after the Cold War, and added, “most negotiators actually believe that the time required to reach an agreement is much less than the seven-month extension that has been agreed upon in Vienna.”

“It was most probably for the very first time that three senior officials from the US Secretary of State were simultaneously away from Washington,” said Zarif in referring to the significant role of Iran on the international scene as well as the importance of negotiations in general.

While underlining the negotiations as the only possible solution to Iran’s nuclear deal, he compared the results of two different surveys conducted in the US and said, “on Nov. 6, 2014, The Christian Science Monitor published an article that revealed 84 percent of Jewish Americans approve a nuclear agreement with Iran and oppose Netanyahu’s stance in this regard.”

“Now on May 18, 2012, the Pew Research Center had published the results of a survey in which 63 percent of all people in the US believed that the only way to deal with Iran’s nuclear issue was war,” said Zarif.

“This shows that the whole world, even the American society which is most influenced by Netanyahu’s false allegations, have now come to this conclusion that the only way to deal with Iran is through ‘negotiations’,” said Zarif, noting that exerting pressure and waging war on Iran is not the way to deal with a country that seeks dialogue, logic and solution.

Iran’s FM maintained that all negotiating parties have stated that we are very close to an agreement, and added, “even one of the negotiators who held very negative views on the process of negotiations, approached me after the Vienna agreement and said for the very first time he had felt that a solution is finally before us.”

“The world today treats Iran with respect,” said Zairf while pointing to the achievements of the nuclear talks, “they respect our method and the enemy’s calculations have all been disrupted.”

“The Islamic Republic now enjoys more security,” he added, “no longer can anyone threaten Iran with war. The world has realized that Iranian people are to be treated with logic, respect, dialogue and mutual understanding and interests.”

Iran’s FM expressed deep appreciation for the support the Leader has given to the negotiating team and the extension and added, “this is the greatest achievement. With the approval and support from our people, we are certain that we can achieve our goals in all areas of the political community.”

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