Iran Vows to Upgrade Yemen’s Infrastructure


The Yemeni official visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran has resulted in signing agreements on several domains related to oil and energy sectors, as well as the upgrading of some vital facilities of ports and airports, Saleh al-Sammad, counselor of Yemeni President and head of political bureau of Ansarullah movement, revealed Friday.

The announcement was made by Sammad as he returned home late Thursday following a two-week visit to Iran, the agency said.

Sammad hailed the visit as “successful and fruitful” and asserted that it would bring about positive outcome for Yemen’s development plans.

He indicated that his accompanying delegation to the talks included ministry undersecretaries and heads of government agencies.

According to the senior Yemeni leader, the agreement was signed by Iranian Trade Minister Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh and would cover cooperation in the sectors of energy, electricity, transportation, water and sewage.

He said that the Iranian officials had expressed readiness to provide Yemen with oil for one year and to build a 165-megawatt power plant in the energy-starved country.

The agreement also envisaged cooperation to expand and develop the Red Sea port of Al-Hudaydah, he added, referring to the strategic port that the group had seized months ago.

Ansarullah group, also dubbed as Houthis, has liberated the capital Sanaa from al-Qaeda operatives last September, and worked to restore security and stability in the attack-hit areas.

The powerful group issued the Constitutional Declaration, in a bid to avoid the power vacuum in the country following the resignation of President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi and his prime minister.

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