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Iran Warns of Foreign Interference in Sudan Developments

Iran warned of foreign actors' meddling in the recent developments in Sudan, and called on all Sudanese groups to engage in an all-inclusive dialogue.

“The suspicious events that occurred in recent days in Sudan clearly do not contribute to the process of democratic transition” in the African country, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said on Friday.

“The undemocratic removal of part of the governing body ignores the will of the Sudanese people and will not achieve the goals that the people of the country are pursuing,” he added.

“There are signs of effective interference of foreign agents in these developments to such an extent that Zionists do not conceal the fact that they are pleased with these actions,” the Iranian official added.

Khatibzadeh also said that Iran emphasizes the need for “vigilance” by the Sudanese Governing Council, and invites all internal parties in the country to take part in “all-inclusive Sudanese-Sudanese dialogue”.

Huge anti-government rallies, mostly over deteriorating economic problems, engulfed Sudan more than two years ago, with protesters, mostly young Sudanese, demanding former president Omar al-Bashir to step down.

Bashir was ultimately deposed through a military coup following months of protests in April 2019, after ruling over the African country for three decades.

In August that year, a governing council, comprised of civilian and military leaders, was founded to run the country.

The transitional civilian-military administration, Sudan’s highest executive authority, is tasked with leading the country to free and fair multiparty elections.

However, a military coup was staged on Monday that dissolved the fragile government. Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok was detained and put under house arrest in a move that infuriated the Sudanese and sparked international outcry, including from the UN Security Council.

Other civilian leaders are in military detention.

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