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Iran Will Never Forgive US for Damages Caused by Sanctions: Qalibaf

Speaker of Iran’s Parliament Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf expressed Tehran’s opposition to any talks with Washington, saying the Iranian people will never forgive the US for the harms it has done through the sanctions.

“The Iranian nation will never forgive the damages caused by the American sanctions,” Qalibaf said in a meeting with Head of the Department of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland Ignazio Cassis, held in Tehran on Sunday.

Highlighting Iran’s policy of cooperation with all countries within the framework of its principles, the parliament speaker said, “In addition to such cooperation, we are opposed to any hegemony, and the refusal to negotiate with the US is because of their hegemonic approach.”

Qalibaf said that an “independent Europe” could establish dynamic relations with Iran, adding, “Europe must not come under the influence of the US policies, particularly given that their (American) measures have led to instability and insecurity in the region.”

Taking a swipe at the US for assassinating top Iranian commander Lt. General Qassem Soleimani, the parliament speaker said withdrawal from the region is the price the US will have to pay for committing such a crime.

Qalibaf further warned that the decision from certain regional countries to normalize ties with the Zionist regime would not settle the region’s problems, adding, “Such measures would escalate instability in the region.”

He also hailed Switzerland for its performance that has proved that it is contributing to world peace and humanitarian issues.

For his part, the visiting Swiss diplomat said Iran is suffering from the economic problems caused by the cruel sanctions.

He also expressed hope that the 100th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic ties between Iran and Switzerland would result in the promotion of bilateral ties and that his country would be able to play its role well as a government representing the interests of the US in Iran.

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