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Iranian Army commander warns US-Saudi coalition of immediate response to provocations

The Iranian Army said that its forces and the Revolutionary Guard “are ready to thwart any threat, whether from the Americans, the Zionists, or the Saudi-American alliance.”

The commander of the Iranian Army’s ground forces, Brigadier General Kumarth Amir Haidari, said that the army and guards are ready to thwart any threat against Iran, indicating that it is an honor and pride for the armed forces to fulfill the orders of the leader of the Islamic Revolution, the Tasnim Agency reported.

He pointed out that “it does not matter to the Iranian Armed Forces, whether this threat is from the Americans, the Zionist entity or the Saudi-American alliance,” saying: “The armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, under the guardianship of the jurist and with the help of God Almighty, have achieved very remarkable successes and achievements.”

Brigadier General Haidari stressed the readiness of the armed forces alongside the Revolutionary Guards to respond to any threat in the shortest period of time, indicating that the capabilities of these forces are also being used in the construction sector.

He said, “according to the instructions of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, part of the capabilities of the armed forces must be put in the service of rebuilding the country during the peace period.”

The commander pointed out that the “armed forces presented many martyrs during the period of holy defense (1980-1988)” and added: “We have always said that we do not intend to attack and threaten any country, but everyone must know that we will defend with strength and solidity. On the values ​​of the revolution and the sovereignty of the holy system of the Islamic Republic.”

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