Iranian Army fighters equipped with long-range, 2000-pound bombs

927852_origIran’s air fighters have been equipped with 100Km-range ‘Qased-3’ smart bombs.
The Islamic Republic of Iran now having different types of bombs, rockets, and missiles, is among the advanced countries in terms of self-sufficiency and internal production of defensive technologies in the region.

In terms of bombs, Iran’s defense industries, with development of ‘Qased’ smart bomb, have trodden the path, trodden only by few countries so far.

The production line of ‘Qased’ smart bomb was officially launched in 2009 by the Ministry of Defense. In June of the same year, Air Force Gen. Hassan Shah Safi, the Air Force Commander announced in the final round of air drills, Milade Noure Velayat ( the Birth of the Light of the Velaya), that the Air Force had successfully test-fired the smart bombs Qased-1 and Qased-2.

The Air Force Commander was quoted to have said that “these bombs can fly up to 40 Km distance without any pilot control and hit the target.” Qased is an air-to-surface, guided, and long-ranged bomb, designed by the latest cutting-edge technology, and meets the Army need to a guided, long-ranged weapon.

Deputy Head of the Iranian Air Force Self-Sufficiency Jihad and Industrial Research (department) General Mohammad Reza Karashki also was quoted to have announced in February 2010 the development of third generation of Qased smart bombs, saying “this generation is equipped with motor, and will move in more than 100Km/h.”

This 2000-pound guided bomb is a highly destructive and distant-standing, capable of pinpointing the targets directly visible for pilot, is controlled and guided up to the hitting time, and the enemy could not disturb the guiding system (passive visual guide).

Qased smart bomb is distant-standing firing device, which destroys enemy strategic bases with minimal physical exposure; the domestic experts have carried out all research, design, and development of the smart bomb.

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