Iranian Army Ready to Crushingly Respond to Enemies’ Aggression: Statement

The Islamic Republic of Iran’s Army in a statement issued on Tuesday voiced its full readiness and vigilance to defend the country’s territorial integrity.

The statement also read that the Iranian Army will stand against any aggression of the enemies in order to protect the honorable people and safeguard the system.

The Army of the Islamic Republic noted that while focusing on maintaining security and peace in our beloved homeland and the need for identifying the conspiracies of the enemies, there is a need to be vigilant and to enhance readiness to confront any conspiracy that threatens the security of the Iranian borders.

The sworn enemies of the Islamic Revolution have spared no effort to overthrow the sacred system of the Islamic Republic of Iran for the past four decades, and have always sought to achieve this dream with numerous plans, the statement added.

Army stated that at a time when the resistance front with overcoming the US-backed terrorists has inked a new chapter of victory for the region’s Muslim nations, and the Islamic Republic of Iran has strongly resisted the enemy’s maximum pressure and put the enemy in a position of weakness and desperation, the enemies of Islam and the revolution have resorted to a new sedition against the revolution and have taken advantage of mercenaries or evil satanic media to encounter the Islamic Revolution.

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