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Iranian Demonstrators Condemn Insult to Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)

Millions of Iranians participating in the countrywide rallies marking the anniversary of the 1979 US embassy takeover condemned the insults leveled against the prophet of Islam in a recent US-Israeli movie and a French magazine’s caricatures.

“We, the Muslim and revolutionary Iranian nation, along with other Islamic nations once again condemn the blatant insults of the global arrogance and the international Zionism to the Great Prophet (PBUH),” the demonstrators said in a communiqué at the end of the rallies on Friday.

“We call on international organizations and community, including the United Nations, to take effective and practical measures to include respect for the divine religions and prophets in the international charters and regulations, criminalize any insult to them and prosecute the criminals,” it added.

In September, French weekly Charlie Hebdo published cartoons of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). The publication of the offensive cartoons came amid widespread outrage over a US-made film that insults the prophet of Islam.

The anti-Islam film has drawn condemnation from numerous countries including Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Iran, Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, Morocco, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, etc.

The Iranian demonstrators also voiced support for the Palestinian cause as well as resistance against the Zionist regime until the liberation of Palestine.

They said that the only solution to the Palestinian issue is the return of all Palestinians to their homeland and a free election.

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