Iranian forces arrest man carrying explosives near Tehran’s entrance: photos

Tehran Police Chief, Major General Hossein Rahimi, announced the arrest of a person wearing an explosive belt at one of the entrances to the Iranian capital a few days ago.

According to RT Arabic, Major General Rahimi said the person who was intending to carry out a suicide attack and shootings was arrested near the capital city, Tehran.

He reported that the assailant was in possession of weapons, an explosive belt, incendiary materials, remote control devices, and other equipment during his apprehension.

Rahimi indicated that the assailant was in possession of a bomb hidden under his clothes and threatened the police forces with the explosive belt, pointing out that one of the policemen threw himself at him to neutralize the bomb.

He continued, “The suicide bomber got into a private car from inside Tehran and threatened the driver, who managed to inform the police, who were able to stop the car at the toll booth while exiting Tehran, on the road leading to the city of Qom,” noting that the suicide bomber was an Iranian, and he was planning to target the capital and several nearby areas.

RT Arabic

The Tehran police chief described the arrest process as dangerous and terrifying, as he could have exploded himself among the police, and the process took about forty-five minutes.

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