Iranian military unveils 2 strategic radar systems: photos

The Iranian military unveiled two radar systems, “Persian Gulf” and “Monitor”, in the presence of the Commander-in-Chief of the Iranian Air Defense Forces, Abdul Rahim Mousavi.

According to the Iranian Fars Agency, the far-reaching and strategic “800-km” Persian Gulf radar is a three-dimensional radar with new technology capable of detecting all conventional targets, stealth and ballistic missiles.

With regard to the Monitor, it is a group of accurate 3D control radars equipped with the latest technology and works with a range of 400 km.

One of Iran’s new radar systems, the Monitor, has a range of 400km and will be introduced to their military in the coming days.Fars News

This radar can detect air targets with very high accuracy and detect a variety of small targets at low and medium heights, drones and stealth aircraft.

Iran’s new “Persian Gulf” radar system was unveiled by their Ministry of Defense on Sunday.Fars News

This radar was designed and manufactured with the aim of long-range air monitoring by the Air Defense Forces’ Self-Sufficiency Jihad organization and in cooperation with knowledge companies and is now ready for operational work.

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