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Iranian MPs say US has set new trap for Iran

Iranian MPs believe that the US’ new game with the term ‘verification’ is a new trap for Vienna negotiations.

After an open session on Tue. Iranian MPs released a statement in this regard.

“The experience of negotiations in recent years has shown that the negotiation process is a hastily one,” the statement said, “Today, there are signs of hurriedness in Vienna talks, too.”

MPs said, today, by the slogan “Avoid Burning Opportunity”, Iran is threatened by another fake promise of the western parties instead of gaining scores.

The MPs reiterated that the Islamic Republic of Iran will return to its obligations only when the sanctions are fully and really lifted and are verified by Iran.

“Playing with the term ‘verification’ is a new trap set by the United States and the West for negotiations.”

“The coincidence of new EU sanctions and the sabotage of the Natanz site, when the other side must prove its good faith, reminds us that the West’s promise and diplomatic smile should not be trusted.”

“As the expert institutions have stated, verification procedure will take at least three to six months.”

“To lift sanctions and protect the interests of the Iranian people,” MPs said, “Normalization of banking relations, the complete removal of barriers to exports, the sale of Iranian oil and petroleum products, and the return of foreign exchange from exports to Iran are among the indices that must be verified.”

MPs underlined that the Iranian government is required to report to parliament on the implementation of the law on lifting sanctions.

They underscored that the lifting of sanctions must be simultaneous with Iranians taking advantage of the results of sanctions removal as well as the Parliament’s role in assessing and supervising the verification process of sanctions removal.

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