Iranian official: Our relations with Hamas never ceased


The former Iranian Ambassador to Oman, Mohammad Irani, said the relations between his country and Hamas have never ceased and should not stop at details of the stands of each party as far as the Syrian crisis is concerned, as the relations are based on supporting the Palestinian question.

The former Ambassador and Specialist in Middle Eastern Affairs said, during his talk to Merdem Emrouz Iranian newspaper on Saturday, that Iran has to support and aid all Palestinian resistance factions who fight the Israeli occupation, with Hamas on top, as the Palestinian cause is of significant concern for Iran’s foreign policy.

The Iranian diplomat stated that no attention should be paid to what is being published by Israeli press regarding the possibility of moving Hamas bureaus from Doha to Tehran, assuring that Israel is very annoyed of Tehran-Hamas relations and does not welcome any rapprochement between the two.

Iran and Turkey would not form alternatives to Qatar for Hamas as the relations is not based on an alternative policy, the former ambassador said.

He also stressed that the relations between Qatar and Hamas are solid and long-standing. There are no signs that Qatar may abandon support of Hamas, he added.

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