Iranian Officials Pay Condolences in Tehran to Hizbullah’s Martyrs


Hizbullah accepted condolences in its headquarters in Tehran from the Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehkan, Health Minister Hassan Hashemi, the representative of the commander of the Islamic Revolution in the Supreme Council of National Security Saeed Jalili, Brigadier General Ismail Ahmadi-Moghaddam, the commander of the Internal Security Forces, the general secretary of the World Society of Ahl al-Beit (PBUT) Sheikh Mohammed Hassan Akhtari, Sheikh Mohammed Mokaddem -assistant in the institution of organizing and publishing heritage of Imam Khomeini – representing the office of his Eminence the late Imam, the son of the martyr Brigadier Ali Allah Daddy and members of the Expediency, military figures and representatives of various Iranian governmental and civil institutions as well as public delegations and diplomatic figures including the Syrian ambassador in Tehran and the Lebanese Chargé d’affaires and a representative of the Iraqi embassy in addition to representatives of Hamas and Islamic Jihad movement in Tehran.

* Iranian Defense Minister: the blood shed by the martyrs of Hizbullah will enhance the perseverance and strength of the Islamic Resistance

On the sidelines of the ceremony, Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hassan Dehkan told al-Ahed News website that the assaults of the Zionist entity had a historical background. Looking back to 1982 when the Zionists occupied Beirut, the Resistance was founded, and today it had become a source of pride for the Islamic world. As a result of this, Zionists always sought to eliminate the resistance, but they failed in all stages and the resistance defeated them especially during the July 2006 war.

He added, “For this path, the resistance sacrificed a convoy of martyrs among them was the great jihadist commander Imad Mughniyeh, his Eminence the late Sheikh Ragheb Harb and his Eminence the late Sayyed Abbas Moussawi.

The Zionist entity thought that by striking the Resistance leaders, it could weaken it. On the contrary, this blood shed enhanced the perseverance and strength of the Islamic Resistance. Today, the Resistance offered another batch of its sons including martyr Jihad Mughniyeh. This blood shed enriched the nation’s support for the Resistance and revealed the truth of the Zionist entity and its supporters of extremist groups.

* Commander of the Internal Security Forces: Hizbullah’s response will be painful and the Zionist entity will regret

For his part, Brigadier Ismail Ahmadi Moghaddam stated to al-Ahed News website that the Zionist entity was always seeking to fabricate problems and separate between Muslims especially at this stage through its support for terrorist extremist groups. He commented that what the Zionist entity had done in Quneitra was a great folly, and that it cannot confront Hizbullah. Thus, by God’s will, Hizbullah’s response will be painful to the Zionist entity and it will regret the crime it committed against the Islamic Resistance.

* Representative of the commander of the Islamic Revolution in the National Security Council: the Zionist entity and the Takfirists are two sides of the same coin

Saeed Jalili the representative Leader of the Islamic Revolution of the Supreme Council for National Security pointed out to al-Ahed News website that the death of our dear brothers in Hizbullah confirmed to the world that the Zionist entity and its supporters of extremist groups in the region are but two sides of the same coin.
He added that this issue was a source of pride for Hizbullah and that the Resistance was targeted by the Zionist entity and the Takfirists terrorists. None the less, this proved to the world that the Zionist entity clearly supports the terrorists and extremist groups to counter Hizbullah, the icon of resistance in the Islamic world.

*Hamas Representative: “Israel’s” crimes accelerate its demise

In his statement to al-Ahed News website, Hamas representative in Iran, Dr. Khalid Kdoomi, offered his condolences to both His Eminence Imam Khamenei and to Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on the occasion of the martyrdom of a number of high ranking officials of the Islamic Resistance.

Kdoomi added that the Zionist entity is in its way towards its demise and this will accelerate the elimination of this usurper, criminal and treacherous entity that had long proved to be an enemy to humanity.

Hamas representative continued that the Zionist entity had already decided to antagonize the resistance axis; in short it aims to kill the resistance fighters and there is no other goal. The Zionists broke international laws and boundaries, but by God’s will, the resistance will respond and we are confident of its ability everywhere.
He added, “We must unite today to confront the Zionist entity because the danger does not stop at the borders of Palestine but surpasses it beyond Syria, Lebanon and Iran; and we have to unite and be conscious because the Zionist entity is an enemy to all of us”.

* The Syrian ambassador: the “Israeli” factor is a key element in the terrorist war against Syria

For his part, Adnan Mahmoud the Syrian ambassador in Tehran told al-Ahed News that “Israel” has a dark record of crimes, murders and aggression since its inception and therefore the terrorist Zionist aggression against a group of resistance fighters in Quneitra proved once again that the “Israeli” factor is the key element in the blatant terror war against Syria. In terms of timing, this terrorist aggression came at a time when the Syrian Arab Army achieved more field accomplishments against terrorist Takfirist groups; it also came under greater political achievements of the axis of resistance in the region in all aspects. Thus, the American Western scheme against Syria and the axis of resistance failed.

The Syrian ambassador added that this aggression reaffirmed full partnership and support of “Israel” to the terrorist groups and Takfirists.

Source: al-Ahed news

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