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Iranian Parliament Underlines Opposition to Reciprocal Measures for Removal of US Sanctions

Iranian legislators in a statement on Sunday underlined strong opposition to the removal of the US sanctions based on a step-by-step plan, saying that embargoes should be lifted all together.

“The unchangeable policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is to require the other parties (to the nuclear deal) to completely lift sanctions; meanwhile, assuming that the sanctions remain in place, it plans to defuse the sanctions, develop economic progress and improve the welfare and livelihood of people,” the statement said.

It referred to the talks being held between Iran and the Group 4+1 (Russia, China, UK and France plus Germany) within the framework of the Joint Commission of the nuclear deal, and said, as stressed by the parliament law and all Iranian officials, all sanctions should be lifted completely and Iran should be able to verify them before Washington can return to the nuclear deal.

“The cruel sanctions, imposed by the Obama and Trump administrations on the oppressed people of Islamic Iran should be lifted once and all together, and on this path, any negotiations to specify reciprocal steps with the G4+1 and the US will be considered as actually an effort by a few individuals to delay the complete lifting of sanctions, detrimental to the nation’s interests, unacceptable and contrary to the principles of dignity, wisdom and expediency and the general policies of the Islamic Republic and the parliament’s law,”  the statement said.

Iran’s foreign ministry had also on Saturday dismissed any step-by-step lifting of the illegal US sanctions entailing reciprocal actions by Tehran and Washington, stressing that Iran won’t concede to any plan for the revival of nuclear deal except for a full removal of all sanctions beforehand.

“As has been clearly stated many times, no step-by-step plan is being considered,” Foreign Ministry Spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said.  

“The definitive policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is the lifting of all US sanctions, whether those which Trump re-imposed after leaving the JCPOA [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action] or those which he initiated, as well as sanctions imposed under any other title,” he added.

His remarks came in response to claims made by US State Department Deputy Spokeswoman Jalina Porter, who has said on Friday that Washington would lift sanctions step-by-step in line with Iran’s return to its commitments.

Also, on Friday, Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action Commission meeting in Vienna is due to finalize the moves needed to revive the nuclear deal, but further rejected any kind of talks with the US.

“At virtual JCPOA JC meeting, Iran & EU/E3+2 agreed to resume in-person talks in Vienna next Tues,” Zarif wrote on his Twitter page, pointing to the JCPOA Joint Commission that was held virtually earlier on the day, adding that the Tuesday session will be focused on ‘rapidly’ finalizing the lifting of sanctions by the US.

He noted that once the sanctions are removed, Iran will stop its remedial measures.

Zarif also reacted to some reports on the US’ presence in the upcoming meeting, saying there won’t be any Iran-US meeting as it would be “Unnecessary”.

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