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Iranian people want complete removal of sanctions: Friday Cleric

Referring to the JCPOA talks in Vienna, Tehran Provisional Friday prayers leader said that Iranian people want removal of cruel sanctions imposed by US government against Iran.

Speaking in this week’s Friday prayers held at Tehran Imam Khomeini Grand Mosalla (congregational prayers site), Ayatolallah Seyyed Ahmad Khatami addressed Iranian negotiators and said that Iranian nation will accept nothing but removal of all cruel and oppressive sanctions imposed against the country.

Referring to holding of new round of nuclear talks between Iran and P4 + 1 including Russia, China, UK, France and Germany, Khatami said that an experienced delegation went to Vienna for nuclear talks and this delegation expressed its positions explicitly.

Ayatollah Khatami went on to say that Iranian delegation also demonstrated their anti-American positions in nuclear talks both in terms of promises and in practice clearly.

Iranian negotiators should take this issue into serious consideration that people of this country are not satisfied except complete removal of cruel and oppressive sanctions imposed against them, he reiterated.  

Tehran Friday prayers leader also seized this opportunity to express his thanks to the unsparing and unflinching services rendered by the government officials in 13th government under President Seyyed Ebrahim Raeisi, the most important of which can be referred to the containing the coronavirus throughout the country.

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