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Iranian President: Trump’s Regime Collapses with Humiliation

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that the administration of Donald Trump which was after overthrowing the government in Iran has collapsed in a humiliating way.

“The president (Trump) who was always after humiliating nations and used the word milking cow clearly (to address other nations), faced people’s decisive opposition in an election and it was a highly important event,” President Rouhani said, addressing a cabinet meeting in Tehran on Wednesday.

“A regime which dreamt of Iran’s collapse and overthrow of the system in the country collapsed in a humiliating way and today you see that except a number of small countries which have always been among the followers of the regime are now facing new conditions in the entire world,” he added.

President Rouhani underlined that the basis of Iran’s foreign policy is relations with neighbors and the friendly states, adding that the US regime which troubled these ties is ending.

He also referred to remarks by US President-elect Joe Biden who has voiced willingness to return to the nuclear deal, and said Iran does not tie its plans to the Americans’ will since the country’s plans are tied with its principles.

“If the other side moves towards our principles, the way is open and is not closed but if they do not want it, we will continue our plans,” President Rouhani said.

He added that Iran had devised plans for its next 9 months based on the assumption that the current US ruler would win the elections, noting, “Of course, it (the US ruling party) changed and it will benefit the nations and the US nation itself.”

Democrat Joe Biden has won the presidency after flipping the state of Pennsylvania blue and claiming more than the 270 Electoral College votes required for the White House. Trump was at his golf course when the result was declared. He refused to concede and vowed to fight the outcome in court.

Following this announcement, Trump issued a statement, indicating that he is not ready to accept his electoral defeat.

In relevant remarks on Saturday, President Rouhani lauded his nation for their resistance against the US pressures and sanctions in the past 3 years, expressing the hope that the new administration in the White House would take lesson from the past failures and rejoin the nuclear deal.

“People faced economic terrorism in the past three years and showed competent resistance and patience. Our country’s decision is clear and our nation will continue its patience and resistance until the other side bows to the law and rules,” President Rouhani said, addressing a meeting of the national coronavirus campaign headquarters in Tehran.

“We hope that conditions alter in a way that those who have imposed sanctions will come to realize that they have moved along a wrong path, and that they will not attain their goals at all as they should take a lesson from this 3-year experience for the future US government to bow to the laws and rules and return to all its undertakings and (the Iranian) people would witness and feel the prize of their patience and resistance,” he added.

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