Iranian Researchers Build High-Speed Maglev Train with the speed of 589 km

13930220000551_PhotoIIranian researchers announced that they have built a prototype magnetic levitation (maglev) high-speed train by means of powerful electromagnets.
“We have designed and built a magnetic train with the speed of over 500 kilometers per hour with a single-sided linear engine,” Abbas Shiri, a senior researcher in the project, told FNA on Tuesday.

He noted that the foreign-made maglev trains can traverse at a maximum speed of 589 kilometers per hour with full passengers on board.

“Ordinary trains can transport passengers at a speed of 150 to 200 kilometers per hour, while maglev trains have been built for speeds of over 500 kilometers,” the Iranian researcher added.

He noted that the Iranian maglev train transfers passengers by spending less energy, but with higher safety and efficiency.

A few countries are using powerful electromagnets to develop high-speed trains, called maglev trains. Maglev is short for magnetic levitation, which means that these trains will float over a guideway using the basic principles of magnets to replace the old steel wheel and track trains.

If you’ve ever played with magnets, you know that opposite poles attract and like poles repel each other. This is the basic principle behind electromagnetic propulsion. Electromagnets are similar to other magnets in that they attract metal objects, but the magnetic pull is temporary.

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