Iranian rights body: US, Europe turn into safe havens for terrorist groups


Iranian High Council of Human Rights issued a statement on Monday to condemn a recent UN anti-Iran human rights resolution, and said the resolutions are passed while the US and Europe have turned into safe havens for terrorist groups.

The resolution on human rights conditions in Iran was issued in the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly at its seventy-third session in New York.

The governments behind the resolution are the main violators of human rights, the statement said, condemning the resolution of being biased, selective, hostile and politically-motivated.

Iran has been subject to a UN resolution while the US administration along with its European allies and the Zionist and Saudi regimes have been establishing and supporting such terrorist groups as Daesh, the statement said.

The statement added that the US, France and the UK with the help of their regional allies are perpetrating war crimes in Yemen, Syria and Afghanistan.

It criticized the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly for impotence and turning into a puppet of the arrogant powers.

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