Iranian Trade Union Delegation Highlights Support to Syria in Face of Conspiracy

Iranian trade union delegation expressed Iranian people’s solidarity with the Syrian people and workers in confronting the conspiracy targeting the region through spreading chaos and destabilizing the situation in Syria.

Head of delegation, Ali Rida Mahjoub, during a visit to the General Federation of Trade Unions headquarters on Tuesday, underlined the Iranian people’s support to the Syrians in the face of the conspiracy targeting Syria’s supportive stance to resistance.

Mahjoub pointed out that Syria has faced several conspiracies in the past and it emerged stronger, clarifying that all world countries face crises, yet what is going on in Syria is being instigated by misleading media in service of the Israeli entity.

For his part, Chairman of General Federation of Trade Unions, Muhammad Shaaban Azoz, stressed that the awareness of the Syrian people and their support to the leadership foiled the scheme hatched against Syria and the whole region, pointing out that the Arab League’s decisions are nothing but an implementation of the foreign agendas.

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