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Iranian’s attacked ship in eastern Mediterranean docks in Syria

On Tuesday, the Iranian media revealed that the Iranian ship attacked in the eastern Mediterranean last Wednesday had docked in Syria.

The Noor News of Iran reported: “The Iranian ship that was attacked last Wednesday is currently docking at the port of Baniyas in Syria, and after repairing it, it will head to Spain.”

The ship’s captain revealed in an interview with the agency that “the GPS tracking devices were disabled for a quarter of an hour half an hour before the incident, but at the time of the incident everything was normal,” noting that “the ship was sailing in the Mediterranean, about 75 miles from the coast of Israel, when it collided with an explosive object.”

He claimed that “the explosion caused majestic sounds that were heard from the deck of the ship at the front container site for a period of a few seconds, and as a result the containers caught fire.”

The captain pointed out that “security personnel, technical forces and divers have conducted a comprehensive inspection of the condition of the ship, and that it will take about 14 days to repair the damage, after which we will move the ship to the port of Valencia in Spain, according to the previous plan.”

On Monday, the Iranian Foreign Ministry accused Israel of targeting the Iranian ship last Wednesday, as it was sailing through the eastern region of  the Mediterranean Sea.

The spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Saeed Khatibzadeh, said in a press conference: “All options are on the table to defend ourselves if any party’s involvement in the incident is confirmed,” the Fars News Agency reported.

He added, “Israel lives on destabilizing security and stability in the region, and its hostile behavior reinforces the hypothesis of its responsibility for targeting the ship.”

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