Iranians created epic following 2009 presidential elections

Iranians created epic following 2009 presidential elections Iran’s Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said the Iranian nation put on display a part of Islamic brevity to preserve the bastion of Velayat and the Revolution vis-à-vis the attempts by the foreign enemies and the ignorant and beguiled inside the country during massive rallies on 9th of Day, 1388 Iranian Calendar (30th of December, 2009).

According to IRNA, speaking at the Parliament’s open session, he commemorated the birth anniversary of Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) and said today that the Iranian nation have faced the West’s cruel face once more during the period following the previous presidential elections in the country; a ploy that offended the sensibilities of the people.
Larijani lauded vigilance kept by the people, which foiled the enemy plots once more.
On 30th of December, 2009, the people turned another golden page of religious democracy and poured into the streets across the country to reaffirm allegiance with the ideals of the Islamic Revolution and also to show adherence to Velayat Faqih (governance of the supreme jurist).

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