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Iran’s 3rd oil tanker leaves for Lebanon: report

A British news agency reported that Iran's third tanker was moving towards Lebanon to supply fuel to this country.

A third tanker has sailed from Iran carrying Iranian fuel for distributing in Lebanon, reported on Twitter on Sunday.

The first tanker ship carried the fuel to Syria and from there it was taken into Lebanon by tanker trucks on Thursday, Reuters reported.

The arrival of Iranian oil tankers in Lebanon on Thu. was put at the top of news on Arab media outlets and social networks. This indicates failure of the US siege against Lebanon as a result of tripartite unity and amity formed between Tehran, Hezbollah and Damascus.

The second tanker carrying fuel from Iran to Lebanon also crossed the Syrian border on Saturday morning (Tehran local time).

Lebanon has been facing a deteriorating economic situation for the past one year and a half as a result of US sanctions, including severe fuel shortages.

To help ease pressure on Lebanese people, Hezbollah has embarked on purchasing fuel from the Islamic Republic of Iran. Iranian fuel tankers have been moving to different parts of Lebanon since last Thursday.

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