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Iran’s Army Chief: US Biggest Threat to World

Commander of the Iranian Army denounced the US regime as the greatest threat to the world nations and freedom, warning the American officials not to make any mistake in dealing with Iran.

Speaking to reporters at the conclusion of an aerial exercise in central Iran on Tuesday, Army Commander Major General Abdolrahim Mousavi said the war game, codenamed Fadayeeyan Harim Velayat 9, has achieved all of its purposes.

The message of the war game carried out by the Air Force is that the Iranian military forces are prepared to safeguard the Islamic Republic’s tenets and the Iranian nation against any threat at any level and with any magnitude, the top commander said.

Describing the “arrogant US regime” as “the biggest threat” to the entire world and to the nations, freedom and righteousness, the Army commander said, “If the American leaders intend to make a mistake and miscalculation, resistance against them will take place with maximum power.”

Different types of bombers, large military transport aircraft, interceptor and reconnaissance planes, and patrol aircraft took part in the Air Force’ drill in the central province of Isfahan for two days.

On Tuesday morning, the F-4 Phantom fighter jets fired Maverick tactical air-to-ground missiles and the Iranian Qassed smart bombs.

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