Iran’s defence minister: ‘Ballistic missiles’ error to be zero’

‘Ballistic missiles' error to be zero’

Iran’s defence minister said, “Precision of our long-range and Ballistic missiles have reached to the level that we are able to target the points.”

According to Fars News Agency, speaking on Sunday evening to IRIB Channel 2 TV, Brigadier General Hussein Dehqan presented a report of 100 days of the ministry of defence.

Dehqan stressed, “Our long-range and Ballistic missiles are so precise that we can target the points; while the error of our surface to surface missiles was 200 meters.”

Referring to the sanctions imposed by the enemies, the Iranian defence minister stated, “What our enemies impose as sanctions can always be an opportunity. Along with intensification of sanctions in the past decade we have reduced our imported defence items from 5000 to 1000 which should reach to naught.”

Emphasizing on the fact that Iran’s approach to preserve, develop and enhance defence capability has not changed, Iran’s defence minister continued, “The Islamic Republic of Iran, via developing its defence capabilities, seeks to reach deterrence so that no country ever thinks of attacking Iran.”

He added, “The policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is not aggressive but it is defensive and the Iranian nation won’t accept defeat and retreat against any foreigner.”

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