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Iran’s Harsh Revenge… Readings and Initial Outcomes

The Islamic Republic did it again, showing no concern to all the threats launched by US President Donald Trump following the assassination of leaders Qassem Suleimani and Abu-Mahdi Al-Muhandis and their companions. The retaliation that did not take long: Well studied, direct, heavy, focused, and sent a message of “severe revenge” directly from Iran without referring to its allies.

One to one; but the Iranian attack came after many warnings. It was not malignant like the US’ assassination of Suleimani and his friends. Moreover, the Iranian attack targeted the US Army directly , which is a legitimate military goal, unlike the attack on Suleimani and his friends who were not in the battlefield. This itself reflects morality in the response, yet it does not mean that the future attacks will commit to this principle. This depends on the nature of the developments.

Readings and Initial Outcome of the Iranian Missile Attack

Here are some notes and conclusions of the Iranian Missile retaliatory attack on US bases in Iraq:

– Inability of the US Defense System to intercept the Iranian missiles or target them, knowing that the Americans said they serveilled the launching of missiles from Iran.

– Accuracy in targeting the goal, which was revealed in pictures.

– The quick hit, as it took place instantly after the funeral of martyrs.

– One shouldn’t stand much on the fact that the US hasn’t acknowledged any casualties until now, as any acknowledgment will put pressure on Trump Administration which prefers to reassure the Americans that “everything is going well”. However, he (Trump) canceled a statement he was planning to give today which is a sign that he is avoiding confrontation.

– It is obvious by now that Trump who had threatened to retaliate to any Iranian response using the “beautiful” most advanced US weapons, preferred to keep mum for the safety of US other bases in the region and “Israel” which for its part was the second on Iran’s list of retaliation incase the US hit Iranian targets.

– Iran proved that it does not only make speeches and it does not fear threats. After this response, it had reinforced its defensive power so that any future attack against it would be thought about twice.

– In case the situation did not develop, this will reflect on the US position among its allies. By that, these attacks would have had a reverse effect since the assassination was committed in this blunt and direct manner.

– The US will have to reconsider the locations of its bases in the region, specifically in Iraq, after they have been exposed to the Iranian missiles.

– This response should have positive repercussions on Iran’s position in the region and on the nuclear issue. Negotiations around its ballistic power are no longer on table after it had been revealed, once again, that it is one of its deterrence elements to defend its land and benefits.

– The position of Iran’s allies in the resistance axis should be stronger after the missile retaliation, especially in the face of “Israel”.

– ‘Israel’ will not be satisfied if the situation did not aggravate, as it wanted to push the US toward a military confrontation with Iran. This will raise tensions inside the occupying entity.

Translated by Sara Taha Moughnieh

Source: Al-Manar

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