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Iran’s IRGC warns Bahrain of ‘severe consequences’ for agreement with ‘israel’

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards commented on the normalization agreement between israel and Bahrain, betraying the Palestinian cause.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard said in a statement carried by the Fars News Agency, “the ruler of Bahrain must wait for severe revenge against the Mujahideen of Jerusalem and the Muslim people and the jealousy of this country.”

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s statement stated that “the shameful act carried out by the Al-Khalifa and the ruling client regime in Bahrain to establish relations with the Zionist entity, which was carried out against the will of the Muslim people in this country, is a great folly that lacks legitimacy and will receive the appropriate response,” according to the text of the statement.

The statement continued: “Domino normalized relations with the rulers of some Arab countries, with the engineering of the White House and the hated and stupid American president, after imposing humiliation on Islamic countries and plundering their wealth, and providing security for the occupiers of Palestine.”

They added, “In an opposite equation, it will increase the strength and scope of the determination and will of the Islamic Ummah to uncover the hidden and latent energies of the anti-Zionist resistance to eradicate the cancerous gland represented by Israel from the geography of the Islamic world.”

The Israeli-Bahraini normalization agreement comes a month after the announcement of the agreement between the UAE and Israel at the White House, following talks that officials said took 18 months, for the UAE to become the third Arab country to sign a peace agreement with Israel and establish formal relations between the two countries, after Egypt (in 1979) and Jordan (in 1994).

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