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Iran’s Judiciary Chief: US People’s Wrath Not to Abate

Iran's Judiciary Chief Ebrahim Rayeesi said that the protests in the US might subside a little due to the government and police's brutal behavior but the wrath of the American people of discrimination and racism will not soothe.

“Today, the rights of people are being trampled in the world and the cries of the US and European people against injustice will not be silenced and this wrath will enflame the hegemonic system and will remove them and the day for restoring justice is not far,” Rayeesi said, addressing the judiciary officials in Tehran on Sunday.

“Given the brutal behaviors of the police, the mayors, the Trump administration and the hegemonic system, this move may abate in certain areas but this wrath will never disappear because it is against injustice and against those who claim to defend the human rights and are (at the same time) the most severe violators of human rights,” he added.

In relevant remarks earlier this month, Rayeesi blasted the US government for cruelties towards the colored people, saying that US President Donald Trump has resorted to force to suppress the protests.

“The US and European people pull down the statues of slavery to show that they want materialization of justice and end of oppression and discrimination, but the unwise US president is after suppressing them by resorting to force,” Rayeesi said, addressing a meeting of the Judiciary officials in Tehran.

He said that the US and European people’s wrath against cruelty and injustice will not soothe easily, adding that it cannot be suppressed by criminal police and security acts.

“We rest assured that this move will lead to annihilation of cruelty and the oppressors,” Rayeesi said.

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