Iran’s Navy will repel any aggression: Cmdr.

329002_Iranian-naval-vesselIran’s Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari says Iran is the most secure country in the region, stressing that Iranian naval forces will respond to any act of aggression against its territorial waters.

“This strategic [Iranian naval] force enjoys high capabilities and will give a response to any country launching aggression against Iran’s waters,” Sayyari said on Saturday.

He stressed the importance of establishing security in the high seas, adding that Iran’s naval forces “pride themselves on ensuring security” for the country’s merchant vessels in international waters.

“As a strategic force, the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Navy maintains its presence beyond sea borders,” the Iranian commander stated.

Sayyari said that Iranian warships are currently patrolling the Red Sea and the Bab el-Mandeb strait.

In recent years, Iran’s Navy has been increasing its presence in international waters to protect naval routes and provide security for merchant vessels and tankers.

The Islamic Republic has repeatedly asserted that its overseas naval presence is meant to convey a message of peace and friendship to regional countries.

In line with international efforts against piracy, the Navy has also been conducting patrols in the pirate-infested Gulf of Aden since November 2008 in order to safeguard merchant containers and oil tankers owned or leased by Iran or other countries.

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