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Iran’s Parliament Speaker warns Americans against new crisis making in region

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Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani here Sunday informed US officials that Iran is closely monitoring regional developments, warning them against new adventurism and crisis making in troubled Middle East region.
P. Speaker warns Americans against new crisis making in region
‘The Americans should beware not to create crisis in Syria, nor to create new problems in Iraq, because the result of such behaviors will be similar with the aftermaths of toppling Saddam in Iraq,’ said Larijani, addressing the opening ceremony of the 13th Sacred Defense Resistance Film Festival at the beginning of Iran’s Sacred Defense Week, marking eight years of defensive war against the invading army of the ousted Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussain.

‘The Sacred Defense Week provides an opportunity for us to speak about an important event in the contemporary history of Iran,’ he added.

He noted that the Iraqi imposed war began under such conditions that the Islamic Revolution of Iran had just gained victory and Iran was faced with the enmity of the US and some regional countries.

‘The Americans had better know that Iran is patiently and painstakingly monitoring the developments and they should take care not to make their past mistakes in the region one more time,’ he further stressed.

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