Iran’s period of difficult conditions ‘transient’: Larijani

 Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said that current difficult conditions of the country created by US ‘economic terrorism’ is definitely transient.

“This period of difficult conditions is definitely transient since neither they [US] can continue this situation, nor other countries can tolerate this and also nor Iran is bounded in this regard,” he said at a ceremony marking the National Day of Industry and Mine in Tehran.

“Enemies wanted to drive Iran’s oil exports to zero but didn’t succeed and many major countries, especially our neighbors, help us to get out of the current situation.”

Trump is a malignant creature who has busied every region with his unpredictable behaviors; one day he breaks Paris Agreement and the other day, he is wrestling with China and Russia, he said, adding, “US has created a great mess in international systems.”

He went on to say that all measures of US President Donald Trump can be best defined by the term ‘economic terrorism’.

“We welcome any proposal which is in line with the country’s national interests but we are not a toy in hands of others and we recognize which of these proposals can be implemented and which one is fake.”

Tensions initially built up between US and Iran after President Trump withdrew Washington from the 2015 Nuclear Deal, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), and imposed severe sanctions against Tehran. Trump administration insists that they are ready for talks with Iran but Tehran says it will resist in face of all pressures and that there will be no talks with a party which has already violated many international agreements.

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