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Iran’s support for Palestine ‘a matter of faith’

A senior member of Hamas Islamic Resistance Movement said the martyrdom of General Soleimani indicated that Iran's support for Palestine and the ideals of the Palestinian people is not political hypocrisy but a firm belief.

In an interview a copy of which was delivered to Mehr News English desk, Mahmoud al-Zahar hailed Iran’s longstanding for the oppressed people of Palestine, saying that the martyrdom of the Iranian anti-terror commander showed Iran’s true belief in resistance against tyrants.

Here is the text of his interview:

How do you evaluate the activities of the International Resistance Film Festival, and to what extent can this festival be relevant to the issue of the Palestinian issue?

Since art and literature are vital factors in informing people, the books, films and other cultural tools are a very important factor in challenging unsuccessful efforts such as the normalization of relations with the Zionists against Palestine and the Islamic Ummah to reject the resistance and remove Iran from its relations and reduce its power. In such circumstances, such a festival could play a decisive role in forging unity among the components of the resistance in Syria, Lebanon, the Gaza Strip, and especially in Hezbollah and Hamas. It should be noted that cultural tools have a very high impact on military resistance and can somehow act as a supporter. On the other hand, the resistance must be developed and manifested in all political, literary and media fields.

How do you evaluate the current developments in Iran-Hamas relations?

According to the policies of the tenth government and after the 2005 elections of the municipalities and the Legislative Council and the gaining of the majority of votes by Hamas, the relations between Iran and Hamas reached the highest level.

The section on “Martyrs of the Resistance” will be held at 16th International Resistance Film Festival to honor the martyr Soleimani. What effect did this great martyr have on the Gaza Strip during his struggles against global arrogance and the support for the Palestinian people and the Palestine cause?

There is no doubt that Martyr Soleimani was one of the men who, because of his belief in life after death, did not shy away from jihad for the liberation of Palestine and always believed in the necessity of liberating Palestine; This belief can be well seen in the naming of the Quds Force. The martyrdom of this great man showed that Iran’s support for Palestine and the aspirations of the Palestinian people is not political hypocrisy but a firm belief. I hope that the Quds Force will continue to take this path so that Iran and Palestine can change the geopolitics of the region after liberation.

Zionist institutions are working to implement the plan to annex the Palestinian territories from the occupied West Bank. What is the position of the Arab countries towards the increase of Israel’s influence after the “Deal of Century” and, of course, the position of Hamas on this issue?

The Zionists and the United States have withdrawn at this stage of the accession project because it will greatly affect the Arab, Islamic, African, Asian and Latin American groups, but this withdrawal is a short time issue and they will never abandon it as one of their projects. How the process goes, will be depended largely on the US election.

In addition to political struggles, you are one of the pillars of resistance literature in Palestine. What is the role of literature and art in foiling the enemy’s plots?

A-Throughout history, literature and art have been able to create and formulate public ideas and perspectives for people and to create a public understanding of topics. These two categories are accelerating factors in the emergence and even decline of countries; But it should be noted that literature and art, in addition to influencing human virtues, also have a dark aspect, and if they are in the service of impure thought, they can lead society to false norms and beliefs; That is why it is necessary to create concepts such as resistance literature, resistance cinema or resistance films. On the other hand, there are many screenplays on the subject of Palestine that should be turned into glorious films that show the role of Palestine on the resistance front in the form of serious support.

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