Iraq: Images of ISIL Leader Torn into Pieces in Mosul Streets



Informed sources disclosed that the ISIL security forces have intensified security measures across the terrorist-held city of Mosul to find those who have torn images and orders of their leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

“Al-Baghdadi’s images in the neighborhoods of Bab al-Towb, al-Sarj Khaneh and the al-Najafi street were torn by unknown people,” the sources said, adding, “In the meantime, the ISIL placards, displaying the Takfiri group’s logos and orders were found torn across the city.”

“These measures made the ISIL security forces very angry enough to intensify their patrol across the city,” the sources went on to say.

Reports said earlier this month that differences widened among ISIL commanders in the city of Mosul in Nineveh province as the terrorist group was suffering from an acute shortage of cash.

The ISIL recently executed 40 of its foreign militants after it came to see rising differences turning into clashes.

Sheikh Ebrahim al-Hayali, a Nineveh tribal leader, announced that the highest number of complaints filed at an ISIL’s military court was by the ISIL terrorists against themselves.

Most complaints were attributed to the differences over share of properties and foodstuff as well as murders for fleeing the battlefield.

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