Iraqi Air Force kills scores of ISIS terrorists in eastern Syria


Iraqi Army helicopters pounded the Islamic State’s (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh) military positions inside the eastern region of Syria this week, inflicting a number of casualties within the ranks of the terrorist group.

“Iraqi Army choppers targeted arms and ammunition depots belonging to the Islamic State in Syria near the border with Iraq’s al-Anbar province,” a senior provincial official in Iraq’s al-Anbar province was quoted as saying by the Arabic-language Al-Maloumeh news website.

The official said that a number of ISIS terrorists were killed in the Iraqi airstrikes.

“The main goal of this attack was weakening the ISIL in a bid to prevent the terrorist group from getting close to al-Anbar province,” he added.

In late December, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad allowed Iraqi fighter jets to conduct airstrikes against the Islamic State without notifying Damascus.

Since then, the Iraqi Air Force has conducted several airstrikes against the Islamic State in an effort to weaken the terrorist group along the border.

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