Iraqi commander underscores Iran key role in breaking Amerli siege


An Iraqi army commander has praised Iranians’ full support for Iraqi soldiers and nation ever since the escalation of the ISIL crisis, saying that breaking of Amerli siege was indebted to Tehran’s unsparing assistance.

Commander of Iraqi Army in Touz-Khurma-Tu and Amerli General Mustafa al-Ta’ei said that if the ISIL terrorist had this opportunity to capture Amerli, all people in the city would have been killed by them.

He further added that if Iran had not assisted us Amerli siege would not have been broken.

“At the time that Iran came to assist us no one in the world cared about the besieged people of Amerli,” he said.

On Thursday, Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi underlined Iran’s influential role in settling the regional problems and crises.

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