Iraqi forces arrest 31 terrorists armed with explosives at border

On Friday, the Iraqi Security Information Cell announced the arrest of 31 armed men of Syrian nationality while crossing the border from Syria to Iraq.

The cell said in a statement: “Through follow-up and according to accurate proactive intelligence, and after a tight ambush, the security forces within the 2nd Regiment of the 66th Infantry Brigade of the 20th Division of the Iraqi Army were able to monitor, yesterday, Thursday night, 31 people, all of whom of Syrian nationality as they crossed the border strip from the Al-Raqqa area to Iraqi territory.”

While Syria’s Al-Raqqa Governorate doesn’t border Iraq, the armed men likely traveled from rural Al-Raqqa towards Homs and then the Iraqi border.

The statement added that “all of them were arrested and seized in their possession 344  torches and 140 boxes of TNT, and they were handed over to the competent authorities to complete their investigation papers and present them to the judiciary.

Al-Sumaria TV quoted a security source today as saying, that 20 members of ISIS were arrested while trying to enter Iraq from Syria.

“The Iraqi army managed to arrest 20 ISIS militants, and kill a large number of them,” the Al-Sumaria TV source added.

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