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Iraqi forces kickoff 2 new operations in Basra and east Baghdad

The Commander of Iraq’s Basra Operations, Major General Akram Saddam, announced on Saturday, the launch of a military operation with the participation of various military and security forces to put an end to the tribal disputes and organized crime in the governorate.

Saddam said that a curfew was not imposed during the operation that began at dawn to disarm the tribes, put an end to tribal disputes and organized crime and protect the people, indicating that each house will be allowed to keep one weapon.

At the same time, similar military operations were launched in the regions and neighborhoods of eastern Baghdad at dawn on Saturday to pursue fugitives and their weapons, in which various military and security forces participated.

The Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Kazemi, inherited a heavy legacy of unrestrained arms and tribal conflicts, which have become a real threat to society.

Kazemi called for following up the security file and joint coordination between the security forces to work to end the issue of uncontrolled weapons, impose the prestige of the state, and confront all that threatens the country’s security and stability.

He also called for activating the intelligence effort of the armed forces, to face the great security challenges in Iraq “that require action.”

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