Iraqi forces liberate Nineveh village, kill 200 Daesh terrorists



Iraqi security forces, backed by the country’s warplanes, have managed to purge a strategic village in Nineveh Province of the Daesh terrorist group, leaving at least 200 terrorists dead.

At least 200 ISIL terrorists were killed in the operation, which began on Wednesday morning, to liberate the key village of Mahana in Nineveh, the Arabic-language al-Sumaria news website said, quoting Nineveh operations command in the Iraqi army.

ISIL terrorists often launch their rocket attacks against the eastern districts of Nineveh from this area.

The command noted that Daesh (ISIL) ‘special forces’ were in the village.

According to the report, the village is strategically important to the Daesh terrorists as it is near al-Qiara district and Haj Ali village in southern Nineveh.

Four vehicles of the terrorists as well as several rocket launch pads were destroyed in the Iraqi operation as the country’s warplanes and artillery shells hit the terrorists’ positions in the nearby villages.

On March 24, Iraq launched the first phase of the Fatah (conquest) Operation to liberate Nineveh Province.

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