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Iraqi forces unearth mass grave with the remains of 50 people murdered by ISIS

On Tuesday, the Iraqi Ministry of Defense announced the discovery of a mass grave containing the remains of 50 people who were killed by the ISIS in the Kirkuk Governorate.

The ministry’s spokesman, Major General Yahya Rasool, said in a statement carried by Al-Sumaria TV that “the mechanized division of the Federal Police, during the process of searching and clearing towns and villages in the Kirkuk Governorate, found a mass grave in a village.

He added that the cemetery “contains the remains of more than 50 bodies belonging to people who were executed by ISIS terrorist gangs during their period of control of the area.”

In December 2017, Iraq announced the liberation of its entire territory from the grip of the ISIS after nearly three and a half years of confrontations with the terrorist organization, which occupied about a third of the country.

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